lunedì 10 novembre 2008


Cremé bruleé with Clementine compote

1 litter of cream

250 gr of egg yolk

150 gr of sugar

Vanilla bean

Heat the cream and sugar together until 65-70c.

Wipe the egg yolk.

When the cream get to 65-70c add to egg yolk and wipe together.

Sift it to different container.

Spill to personal forms and put on a trey with boiling water to the half of the form.

Bake for 30 minutes at 110c.

For the compote

Clementine segments from 20 Clementine's.

3 spoons of sugar.

50 gr of butter

4 gr of agar.

Boiled everything together until the desire thickness.

Pass trough a meel. Keep cold.

Put some sugar on the cream and burn it.

Make a counelle from the compote and put on top of the cream.

Chestnuts and apple parfait

300 gr of egg yolk

70 gr of rum

Wipe in mixer.

400 gr sugar

500 gr of water

Boiled to 121c.

Transfer to different container.

When the egg yolk all most ready add slowly the sugar and mix until unified heat. All this called patabom.

Cut 4 apples to small cubes and cook with 50 gr of butter and spoon of sugar. Cook until it soft and dry the apples.

Put the container with the pate a bombe into ice water.

Add to the pate a bombe the apples and chest nuts puree and wipe together.

When the mix is cold add 900 gr of 50% whipped cream and mix all together.

Pour it to personal form and keep it in the freezer.

Tuna steak with carrot\lemon grass stock and golden scallions

For the stock

1 kg of peeled carrot chopped very fine.

4 lemon grass stalks, crushed and chopped.

Cover with water and heat to 80c.

When it ready remove from the fire, mix with manual mixer.

Sift trough a sieve. Finish with salt and pepper.

For the tuna

130-150 gr of filleted tuna, clean from fat.

Season the tuna with salt and crushed black, white and sichuan peppers.

Sear in a pan with 1 cm of olive oil.

Bake on the oven for 2-3 minutes (it depended on the size of the tuna).

For the scallions

4 clean scallions

Cook in a pot with some sugar and garlic clove until the sugar and the onion get some caramelized.

Add some water and balsamic vinegar drops.

Before its ready add some thyme and butter.

When the butter melt remove from the fire.

s Fried leek

Remove the first layer of the leek and cut julienne.

Cover with flour and deep fried.

If it's not dirty do not wash.


Put on a ball plate 1.5 ladle from the carrot stoke. On the middle put the scallions. When the tuna is ready slice it and put on top of the scallions.

Sprinkle with some maldon salt

On top put some fried leeks.

On a ball plate pour 1.5 small ladle of carrot stock. When we heat the stoke, we doing it until 50c.

Put the scallions in the middle of the plate.

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