domenica 5 ottobre 2008


Biscuit (for mousse cake)

240 g egg whites

250g sugar

160g egg yolks

70g bitter cocoa

1. whip eggwhites and sugar

2. whip egg yolks

3. incorporate whipped yolk in to sugar and egg white mix

4. add cocoa slowly with sifter and stir

*160 C 15-20 min

Salted Cod “Vicentina’s style”in phyllo dough with soft polenta

Soffritto for 1 kilo of cod: onions (300g), chopped parsley, anchovies (5), garlic (4 cloves)

-cover filet of cod with flour and parmesan

-add filet to soffritto and cover with milk and cream and cook low until dry (stir continuously)


-put in piping bag and roll in 2 buttered, layered pieces of phyllo dough

*220 C 7min

Soft Polenta

1 ltr of liquid (1/2 milk, ½ water)

250 g of polenta (corn flour)

s+ p tt


olive oil


(There are lots of options to add for flavor)

- at boil, lower heat, incorporate polenta

*the less polenta, the softer it will be

-when it thickens, add milk or water

Red Mullet filet encrusted with almonds and fresh herbs, orange and crunchy sautéed fennel sauce

-filet mullet, wash and grate from all scales

-sauce: 1 kilo cherry tomatoes

1 garlic clove

Fish bones

Splash of white wine

Olive oil

-cut tomatoes into ½ or ¼

-sweat garlic in olive oil until golden

-mash bones and add to pan

-when bones are a grayish color, add wine

-evaporate wine and add tomatoes

-cook on medium heat (15 min)

-when done, work on a food mill

-orange segments


-1 fennel (diced)

-chop shallot fine

-sauté shallot in butter and add fennel until crunchy and brown

Toasted mullet

-½ toasted almond flour, ½ bread crumbs

-cover mullet in flour mix

-cold pan, sautee mullet until brown, bake (2 min)

Buckwheat Pasta Dough

150g semolina

150g farina 00

150g buckwheat flour

300g egg yolk



olive oil

Sicilian Bread

1 kilo semolina

35 g yeast

600g water

7g olive oil

50g butter

2 egg yolks

sesame seeds on top

*200 C, 12 min.

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