lunedì 12 ottobre 2015

CHEFPG Consulting

The One Stop Solution for Italian Food and creative international cuisine
My story goes way back. I started more than 30 years ago. My aim after years working in the restaurants kitchens and teaching Master classes in some important Culinary Institutes.
Now i turned in a new consulting service to teach people my knowledge to improve  the Italian cuisine industry worldwide and the protection of Italian food lovers worldwide from the alarming amount of so-called “Italian” restaurants offering anything but a quality Italian culinary experience. I come a long way and CHEFPG CONSULTING is my newest effort to improve the authentic, delicious and healthy Italian cuisine so beloved all around the world.


I specialize in  Italian restaurant start ups and turning around struggling concepts. As a Consultants i offer innovative, financially and services to create successful businesses, where the competitive advantage is the authentic and quality Italian branding. Our services go from Concept Development toStaff Training, including special training on fresh pasta and gelato, from design and restiling to the unique culinary first aid . Strongly convinced of the importance of ingredients in Italian cuisine, i provide a dedicated service called italian products and equipment


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